Notice of Privacy practices

The Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) is committed to supporting the highest standards of comprehensive and compassionate care between patient and family care. By valuing the voice of patients and families, this committee serves to prioritize and promote positive patient experience.

Members of the Patient and Family Advisory Committee (PFAC) will work collaboratively with Victor Valley Global Medical Center (VVGMC) departments, physicians and administration.

While forming the PFAC Committee, VVGMC selects individuals that will further the purpose of the organization and will make a valuable contribution to the team.

The PFAC member responsibilities are to:

  • Actively participate during and after meetings to achieve goals
  • Collaborate with PFAC team and VVGMC staff in an efficient manner
  • Improve the overall patient/family member experience and quality of care

The PFAC approval process includes:

  • Careful selection of up to 5 patients/family members (counted individually, not as a family) that express interest in improving the VVGMC experience
  • Keen interest expressed through a letter highlighting your experience as a patient / family member and why you feel you make a good candidate for the Patient and Family Advisory Committee
  • Approval by the hospital administration for all members

Want to get involved?

For additional information on the Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC), or to learn more about becoming an advisor, please:

 Email HERE or Call HERE