At Victor Valley Global Medical Center, our compassionate medical specialists and surgeons provide personalized patient care and minimally-invasive surgical options as well as an ongoing dedication to resolving your orthopedic condition and/or injury. 

Pain management and physical therapy may not always address the root cause of joint pain. After a thorough consultation, orthopedic surgery may be the answer. We offer our patients surgical and non-surgical treatment options as well as total joint replacement and arthroscopic surgeries. There are more than 100 types of arthritis ranging from osteoarthritis to rheumatoid arthritis. Our expertise is identifying the cause and mapping out a strategy to end joint pain.  

Victor Valley Global Medical Center’s comprehensive orthopedic services include diagnosis and treatment of disorders and injuries to the bones, ligaments, joints, muscles, and tendons. Advanced technology and techniques are applied to specialized orthopedic surgery procedures specifically developed to treat both acute and chronic ailments of the extremities. These surgical procedures include: 

  • Joint repair or replacement surgery. A torn ligament can often be repaired, but when a repair is not possible, replacement with a prosthesis may be an option. 
  • Carpal tunnel release. The ligament is cut to allow nerves and tendons more room, thus alleviating the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome.  
  • Laminectomy. This common back surgery involves removing some or all of the vertebral bone. This helps relieve compression on the spinal cord. 

Our approach to serious orthopedic conditions, injuries, and disorders always include a full evaluation of our patients’ health. We provide thorough and comprehensive tests often including CAT (CT) scans, X-rays, and in some cases, MRI scans, as well as a full evaluation of the body and family health history of each patient. Extensive testing is then evaluated to determine the best possible treatment with the patients’ long-term well-being and recovery as our primary objective.

For more information about these procedures or to schedule your orthopedic surgery at Victor Valley Global Medical Center, please call (760) 245-4555. 

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